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Ferraz Shawmut semi-conductor fuses

Few of today's powered products don't rely on semiconductor technology to some degree. That means extending circuit protection to thyristors, triacs, diodes, and a host of other solid-state components. Ferraz Shawmut offers a vast, truly international line of semiconductor fuses to protect these sensitive components.

North American Round Style

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150V - A15QS   
A15QS Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses were designed for the specific protection of diodes and other semiconductor devices rated 150VAC/DC.The A15QS product line's compact design is perfect for those applications that have limitations on available space. …more
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300V - A30QS    
A30QS Amp-trap® Semiconductor Protection fuses areintended for the protection of Power Semiconductorssuch as Diodes, Phase Control SCR's and other power Semiconductor devices. The A30QS isrecommended fornew applications providing solutions for your criticalprotection needs at 300V and less semiconductors. 
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500V - A50QS    
A50QS Amp-trap® Form 101 fuses grew out of the need to improve the overall performance of semiconductor fuses in response to new equipment requirements. The A50QS encompasses the best protection features lower I 2 t to provide better protection for equipment, longer life when subjected to cyclic loading and lower watts loss. A50QS is today's best choice for the protection of dynamic solid state equipment such as motor drives, inverters, UPS, etc.
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600V - A60Q Size 10x38    
A60Q Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses feature the only 600 volt AC/DC rating in the industry of similar size (1-1/2" x13/32") fuses protecting semiconductors. A60Q also has the lowest l 2 t of all similar fuses and excellent cycling ability. Applications include inverters and small equipment requiring extremely fast response to faults, without the need to carry sustained heavy overloads.
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700V Size 14x51, 22x58 A70QS    
These Premium Amp-trap® French Cylindrical Semiconductor Fuses are an extension of the popular A70QS product line. They are solid-fill 14mm and 22mm fuses IEC rated 690VAC, 200kA Interrupting and 700VDC, 100kA interrupting at 10ms time constant. In addition, these fuses have an 890 VDC rating for capacitor discharge applications up to 2.5ms time constant. All ampere ratings are available with a striker.
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700V - A70QS    
A70QS Amp-trap® Semiconductor Protection fuses were developed in response to the need for improved overall performance of 700 volt semiconductor fuses for new equipment requirements. A70QS fuses have lower I 2 t for better protection, longer life when subjected to cyclic loading, plus lower watts loss. A70QS is the best choice to protect dynamic solid state equipment such as motor drives, UPS,  etc.
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1000V - A100P    
A100P Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses are rated 1000V, extending the range of protection for UPS systems, AC and DC drives, reduced voltage motor starters and similar applications where lower I 2 t and superior reliability are needed. With ratings from 15 through 1000 amperes, a wide range of high voltage applications can be served.
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1200V - A120X    
A120X Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses, rated 1/2A through 30A, 1200VAC are popular for use in traction drive auxiliary circuits and similar applications. A120X fuses are also suitable for use on 1000VDC auxiliary circuits with low time constants.
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1500V - A150X    
A150X Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses, rated 1A through 1000A, 1500VAC are popular for use in traction drive auxiliary circuits and similar applications. A150X fuses are also suitable for use on 1500VDC auxiliary circuits with low time constants.
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600V - A60X    
A60X Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses are popular for the protection of higher voltage heavy rectifiers such as traction rectifiers. They can carry long sustained overloads common with heavyduty apparatus. 700A through 2000A sizes are of compact, hockey-puck design, able to provide highpower protection in a small space.
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500V - A50P    
A50P Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses were developed for DC drives, uninterruptable power supplies and similar applications requiring better protection (lower l2t) and superior reliability. The A50P is typically used for replacement.
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700V - A70P    
A70P Amp-trap® Form 101 Semiconductor Protection fuses were developed for higher voltage AC and DC drives, UPS systems, reduced voltage motor starters and similar applications where lower I 2 t and superior reliability were needed. A70P is a very popular fuse, available in a wide range of ratings.
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700V - A70Q    
A70Q Amp-trap® Semiconductor Protection fuses were developed for inverter applications requiring extremely low I 2 t. A70Q fuses provide the most responsive protection for applications not required to sustain heavy overloads.

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European Square Style                                                                                        

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690/700 Volt Semiconductor Fuse    
Ferraz Shawmut 690/700V PSC fuse-links provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection for today’s power conversion equipment. These square body fuse-links are available in four different body sizes, each size having seven worldwide acceptable mounting styles. The different mounting styles and body sizes long with a broad range of ampere ratings allow greatest flexibility in equipment design.
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1250/1300 Volt Semiconductor Fuse    
Ferraz Shawmut 1250/1300V PSC fuse-links. See PDF for more information.

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European Cylindrical Style                                                                                

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600V Size 10x38 URB/URD/URL    
PROTISTOR® FUSES 600V AC URD from 0.10 up to 0.80A** 500V AC URB/URD/URL from 1 up to 30A SIZE: 10 X 38
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700V - A070gRB Size 10x38     
The A070gRB is a fast acting, full range fuse utilized in the protection of inverters, UPS and other discrete semi-conductor devices.
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690V Size 14x51, 22x58 URC/URD     
PROTISTOR® FUSES 690V AC URC/URD from 6 up to 100A SIZES: 14 X 51 & 22 X 58
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690V - 1000V Size 27x60 URB/URQ/URS    
690V - 1000V AC URB/URQ/URS from 32 up to 250A SIZE: 27 X 60

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European DIN Style                                                                                               

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690V Size 000 gRB-URB     

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British Standard                                                                                                                             
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690 V BS88 Size 000    


Part Number


Select part number for more specific information
A15QS1-2 Form 101-150V/1A
A15QS2-2 Form 101-150V/2A
A15QS3-2 Form 101-150V/3A
A15QS4-2 Form 101-150V/4A
A15QS5-2 Form 101-150V/5A
A15QS6-2 Form 101-150V/6A
A15QS7-2 Form 101-150V/7A
A15QS8-2 Form 101-150V/8A
A15QS10-2 Form 101-150V/10A
A15QS12-2 Form 101-150V/12A
A15QS15-2 Form 101-150V/15A
A15QS20-2 Form 101-150V/20A
A15QS25-2 Form 101-150V/25A
A15QS30-2 Form 101-150V/30A
A15QS35-1 Form 101-150V/35A
A15QS40-1 Form 101-150V/40A
A15QS40-4TI Form 101-150V/40A
A15QS45-1 Form 101-150V/45A
A15QS50-1 Form 101-150V/50A
A15QS50-4 Form 101-150V/50A
A15QS60-1 Form 101-150V/60A
A15QS70-4 Form 101-150V/70A
A15QS70-4TI Form 101-150V/70A
A15QS80-4 Form 101-150V/80A
A15QS80-4TI Form 101-150V/80A
A15QS90-4 Form 101-150V/90A
A15QS100-4 Form 101-150V/100A
A15QS100-4TI Form 101-150V/100A
A15QS130-4 Form 101-150V/130A
A15QS130-4TI Form 101-150V/130A
A15QS150-4 Form 101-150V/150A
A15QS150-4IL Form 101-150V/150A
A15QS150-4TI Form 101-150V/150A
A15QS200-4 Form 101-150V/200A
A15QS200-4IL Form 101-150V/200A
A15QS250-4 Form 101-150V/250A
A15QS300-4 Form 101-150V/300A
A15QS300-4IL Form 101-150V/300A
A15QS350-4 Form 101-150V/350A
A15QS350-4IL Form 101-150V/350A
A15QS400-4 Form 101-150V/400A
A15QS400-4IL Form 101-150V/400A
A15QS450-4 Form 101-150V/450A
A15QS450-4IL Form 101-150V/450A
A15QS500-4 Form 101-150V/500A
A15QS500-4IL Form 101-150V/500A
A15QS600-4 Form 101-150V/600A
A15QS600-4IL Form 101-150V/600A
A15QS800-4 Form 101-150V/800A
A15QS1000-4IL Form 101-150V/1000A
A15QS1000-4TI Form 101-150V/1000A
A15QS1000-128 Form 101-150V/1000A
A15QS1000-128IL Form 101-150V/1000A
A15QS1200-128 Form 101-150V/1200A
A15QS1200-128IL Form 101-150V/1200A
A15QS1500-128 Form 101-150V/1500A
A15QS1500-128IL Form 101-150V/1500A
A15QS2000-128 Form 101-150V/2000A
A15QS2000-128IL Form 101-150V/2000A
A15QS2500-128 Form 101-150V/2500A
A15QS2500-128IL Form 101-150V/2500A
A15QS3000-128 Form 101-150V/3000A
A15QS3000-128IL Form 101-150V/3000A
A15QS3500-128 Form 101-150V/3500A
A15QS4000-128 Form 101-150V/4000A
A15QS4000-128IL Form 101-150V/4000A
A15QS4500-128 Form 101-150V/4500A
A15QS4500-128IR Form 101-150V/4500A
A15QS5000-128 Form 101-150V/5000A
A15QS6000-128 Form 101-150V/6000A
A30QS1-1 Form 101-300V/1A
A30QS2-1 Form 101-300V/2A
A30QS3-1 Form 101-300V/3A
A30QS4-1 Form 101-300V/4A
A30QS5-1 Form 101-300V/5A
A30QS6-1 Form 101-300V/6A
A30QS7-1 Form 101-300V/7A
A30QS8-1 Form 101-300V/8A
A30QS10-1 Form 101-300V/10A
A30QS12-1 Form 101-300V/12A
A30QS15-1 Form 101-300V/15A
A30QS20-1 Form 101-300V/20A
A30QS25-1 Form 101-300V/25A
A30QS30-1 Form 101-300V/30A
A30QS35-4 Form 101-300V/35A
A30QS40-4 Form 101-300V/40A
A30QS45-4 Form 101-300V/50A
A30QS50-4 Form 101-300V/60A
A30QS60-4 Form 101-300V/70A
A30QS70-4 Form 101-300V/80A
A30QS80-4 Form 101-300V/90A
A30QS90-4 Form 101-300V/100A
A30QS100-4TI Form 101-300V/100A
A30QS125-4 Form 101-300V/125A
A30QS130-4 Form 101-300V/130A
A30QS150-4 Form 101-300V/150A
A30QS150-4TI Form 101-300V/150A
A30QS175-4 Form 101-300V/175A
A30QS200-4 Form 101-300V/200A
A30QS200-4TI Form 101-300V/200A
A30QS225-4 Form 101-300V/225A
A30QS2501-4 Form 101-300V/250A
A30QS250-4 Form 101-300V/250A
A30QS300-4 Form 101-300V/300A
A30QS300-4TI Form 101-300V/300A
A30QS350-4 Form 101-300V/350A
A30QS400-4 Form 101-300V/350A
A30QS400-4IL Form 101-300V/400A
A30QS400-4TI Form 101-300V/400A
A30QS450-4 Form 101-300V/450A
A30QS500-4 Form 101-300V/500A
A30QS550-4 Form 101-300V/550A
A30QS600-4 Form 101-300V/600A
A30QS600-4TI Form 101-300V/600A
A30QS600-4IL Form 101-300V/600A
A30QS700-4 Form 101-300V/700A
A30QS700-128 Form 101-300V/700A
A30QS800-4 Form 101-300V/800A
A30QS800-4IL Form 101-300V/800A
A30QS800-128 Form 101-300V/800A
A30QS1000-128 Form 101-300V/1000A
A30QS1000-128IL Form 101-300V/1000A
A30QS1200-128 Form 101-300V/1500A
A30QS1500-128 Form 101-300V/1500A
A30QS1500-128IL Form 101-300V/1600A
A30QS1600-128 Form 101-300V/1600A
A30QS2000-128 Form 101-300V/2000A
A30QS2000-128IL Form 101-300V/2000A
A30QS2500-128 Form 101-300V/2500A
A30QS2500-128IL Form 101-300V/2500A
A30QS3000-128 Form 101-300V/3000A
A30QS3500-128 Form 101-300V/3500A
A30QS3500-128IL Form 101-300V/3500A
A30QS4000-128 Form 101-300V/4000A
A30QS4500-128 Form 101-300V/4500A
A50QS35-4 Form 101-500V/35A
A50QS40-4 Form 101-500V/40A
A50QS50-4 Form 101-500V/50A
A50QS60-4 Form 101-500V/60A
A50QS70-4 Form 101-500V/70A
A50QS80-4 Form 101-500V/80A
A50QS90-4 Form 101-500V/90A
A50QS100-4 Form 101-500V/100A
A50QS125-4 Form 101-500V/125A
A50QS150-4 Form 101-500V/150A
A50QS175-4 Form 101-500V/175A
A50QS200-4 Form 101-500V/200A
A50QS225-4 Form 101-500V/225A
A50QS250-4 Form 101-500V/250A
A50QS300-4 Form 101-500V/300A
A50QS350-4 Form 101-500V/350A
A50QS400-4 Form 101-500V/400A
A50QS450-4 Form 101-500V/450A
A50QS500-4 Form 101-500V/500A
A50QS600-4 Form 101-500V/600A
A50QS700-4 Form 101-500V/700A
A50QS800-4 Form 101-500V/800A
A50QS900-4 Form 101-500V/900A
A50QS1000-4 Form 101-500V/1000A
A50QS1200-4 Form 101-500V/1200A
A50P10-1 Form 101-500V/10A
A50P15-1 Form 101-500V/15A
A50P20-1 Form 101-500V/20A
A50P25-1 Form 101-500V/25A
A50P30-1 Form 101-500V/30A
A50P35-4 Form 101-500V/35A
A50P40-4 Form 101-500V/40A
A50P50-4 Form 101-500V/50A
A50P60-4 Form 101-500V/60A
A50P70-4 Form 101-500V/70A
A50P80-4 Form 101-500V/80A
A50P90-4 Form 101-500V/90A
A50P100-4 Form 101-500V/100A
A50P100-4TI Form 101-500V/100A
A50P125-4 Form 101-500V/125A
A50P125-4TA Form 101-500V/125A
A50P125-4TI Form 101-500V/125A
A50P150-4 Form 101-500V/150A
A50P150-4TI Form 101-500V/150A
A50P175-4 Form 101-500V/175A
A50P175-4TI Form 101-500V/175A
A50P200-4 Form 101-500V/200A
A50P200-4TA Form 101-500V/200A
A50P200-4TI Form 101-500V/200A
A50P225-4 Form 101-500V/225A
A50P250-4 Form 101-500V/250A
A50P250-4TA Form 101-500V/250A
A50P250-4TI Form 101-500V/250A
A50P275-4 Form 101-500V/275A
A50P300-4 Form 101-500V/300A
A50P300-4TA Form 101-500V/300A
A50P300-4TI Form 101-500V/300A
A50P325-4 Form 101-500V/325A
A50P350-4 Form 101-500V/350A
A50P350-4TI Form 101-500V/350A
A50P400-4 Form 101-500V/400A
A50P400-4Ta Form 101-500V/400A
A50P400-4TI Form 101-500V/400A
A50P450-4 Form 101-500V/450A
A50P450-4TI Form 101-500V/450A
A50P500-4 Form 101-500V/500A
A50P500-4TI Form 101-500V/500A
A50P600-4 Form 101-500V/600A
A50P600-4TA Form 101-500V/600A
A50P600-4TI Form 101-500V/600A
A50P700-4 Form 101-500V/700A
A50P700-4TA Form 101-500V/700A
A50P700-4TI Form 101-500V/700A
A50P800-4 Form 101-500V/900A
A50P800-4TA Form 101-500V/900A
A50P800-4TI Form 101-500V/900A
A50P900-4 Form 101-500V/900A
A50P1000-4 Form 101-500V/1000A
A50P1200-4 Form 101-500V/1200A
A50P1200-4TI Form 101-500V/1200A
A60X1-1 Form 101-600V/1A
A60X2-1 Form 101-600V/2A
A60X3-1 Form 101-600V/3A
A60X4-1 Form 101-600V/4A
A60X5-1 Form 101-600V/5A
A60X6-1 Form 101-600V/6A
A60X7-1 Form 101-600V/7A
A60X8-1 Form 101-600V/8A
A60X9-1 Form 101-600V/9A
A60X10-1 Form 101-600V/10A
A60X12-1 Form 101-600V/12A
A60X15-1 Form 101-600V/15A
A60X20-1 Form 101-600V/20A
A60X25-1 Form 101-600V/25A
A60X30-1 Form 101-600V/30A
A60X35-4 Form 101-600V/35A
A60X40-4 Form 101-600V/40A
A60X45-4 Form 101-600V/45A
A60X50-4 Form 101-600V/50A
A60X55-4 Form 101-600V/55A
A60X60-4 Form 101-600V/60A
A60X70-4 Form 101-600V/70A
A60X80-4 Form 101-600V/80A
A60X80-4TA Form 101-600V/80A
A60X90-4 Form 101-600V/90A
A60X100-4 Form 101-600V/100A
A60X100-4TA Form 101-600V/100A
A60X125-4 Form 101-600V/125A
A60X125-4TA Form 101-600V/125A
A60X150-4 Form 101-600V/150A
A60X150-4TA Form 101-600V/150A
A60X175-4 Form 101-600V/175A
A60X200-4 Form 101-600V/200A
A60X200-4TA Form 101-600V/200A
A60X200-4TI Form 101-600V/200A
A60X225-4 Form 101-600V/225A
A60X250-4 Form 101-600V/250A
A60X250-4TA Form 101-600V/250A
A60X250-4TI Form 101-600V/250A
A60X300-4 Form 101-600V/300A
A60X300-4TA Form 101-600V/300A
A60X300-4TI Form 101-600V/300A
A60X350-4 Form 101-600V/350A
A60X350-4TA Form 101-600V/350A
A60X400-4 Form 101-600V/400A
A60X400-4TA Form 101-600V/400A
A60X400-4TI Form 101-600V/400A
A60X500-4 Form 101-600V/500A
A60X500-4TA Form 101-600V/500A
A60X500-4TI Form 101-600V/500A
A60X600-4 Form 101-600V/600A
A60X600-4TA Form 101-600V/600A
A60X600-4TI Form 101-600V/600A
A60X700-4 Form 101-600V/700A
A60X700-128 Form 101-600V/700A
A60X800-4 Form 101-600V/800A
A60X800-4TA Form 101-600V/800A
A60X800-128 Form 101-600V/800A
A60X1000-128 Form 101-600V/1000A
A60X1200-128 Form 101-600V/1200A
A60X1500-128 Form 101-600V/1500A
A60X1600-128 Form 101-600V/1600A
A60X1800-128 Form 101-600V/1800A
A60X2000-128 Form 101-600V/2000A
A70QS35-4 Form 101-700V/35A
A70QS40-4 Form 101-700V/40A
A70QS50-4 Form 101-700V/50A
A70QS60-4 Form 101-700V/60A
A70QS70-4 Form 101-700V/70A
A70QS80-4 Form 101-700V/80A
A70QS90-4 Form 101-700V/90A
A70QS100-4 Form 101-700V/100A
A70QS125-4 Form 101-700V/125A
A70QS125-4K Form 101-700V/125A
A70QS150-4 Form 101-700V/150A
A70QS150-4K Form 101-700V/150A
A70QS175-4 Form 101-700V/175A
A70QS175-4K Form 101-700V/175A
A70QS200-4 Form 101-700V/200A
A70QS200-4K Form 101-700V/200A
A70QS250-4 Form 101-700V/250A
A70QS300-4 Form 101-700V/300A
A70QS350-4 Form 101-700V/350A
A70QS400-4 Form 101-700V/400A
A70QS450-4 Form 101-700V/450A
A70QS450-4K Form 101-700V/450A
A70QS500-4 Form 101-700V/500A
A70QS500-4K Form 101-700V/500A
A70QS600-4 Form 101-700V/600A
A70QS600-4K Form 101-700V/600A
A70QS700-4 Form 101-700V/700A
A70QS800-4 Form 101-700V/800A
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