Ferraz Product Overview

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Part Number


AJT1 Class J-1Amp 600V
AJT1-1/4 Class J-1-1/4 Amp 600V
AJT1-1/2 Class J-1-1/2 Amp 600V
AJT1-6/10 Class J-1 6/10 Amp 600V
AJT1-8/10 Class J-1 8/10 Amp 600V
AJT2 Class J-2 Amp 600V
AJT2-1/4 Class J-2-1/4 Amp 600V
AJT2-1/2 Class J-2-1/2Amp 600V
AJT2-8/10 Class J-2-8/10 Amp 600V
AJT3 Class J-3 Amp 600V
AJT3-2/10 Class J-3-2/10 Amp 600V
AJT3-1/2 Class J-3-1/2 Amp 600V
AJT4 Class J-4 Amp 600V
AJT4-1/2 Class J-4-1/2 Amp 600V
AJT5 Class J-5 Amp 600V
AJT5-6/10 Class J-6/10 Amp 600V
AJT6 Class J-6 Amp 600V
AJT6-1/4 Class J-6 1/4 Amp 600V
AJT7 Class J-7 Amp 600V
AJT8 Class J-8 Amp 600V
AJT9 Class J-9 Amp 600V
AJT10 Class J-10 Amp 600V
AJT12 Class J-12 Amp 600V
AJT15 Class J-15 Amp 600V
AJT17-1/2 Class J-17 1/2 Amp 600V
AJT25 Class J-25 Amp 600V
AJT30 Class J-30 Amp 600V
AJT35 Class J-35 Amp 600V
AJT40 Class J-40 Amp 600V
AJT45 Class J-45 Amp 600V
AJT50 Class J-50 Amp 600V
AJT60 Class J-60 Amp 600V
AJT70 Class J-70 Amp 600V
AJT80 Class J-80 Amp 600V
AJT90 Class J-90 Amp 600V
AJT100 Class J-100 Amp 600V
AJT110 Class J-110 Amp 600V
AJT125 Class J-125 Amp 600V
AJT150 Class J-150 Amp 600V
AJT175 Class J-175 Amp 600V
AJT200 Class J-200 Amp 600V
AJT225 Class J-225 Amp 600V
AJT250 Class J-250 Amp 600V
AJT300 Class J-300 Amp 600V
AJT350 Class J-350 Amp 600V
AJT400 Class J-400 Amp 600V
AJT450 Class J-450 Amp 600V
AJT500 Class J-500 Amp 600V
AJT600 Class J-600 Amp 600V
A4BQ100 Class L-100 Amp 600V
A4BQ150 Class L-150 Amp 600V
A4BQ200 Class L-200 Amp 600V
A4BQ250 Class L-250 Amp 600V
A4BQ300 Class L-300 Amp 600V
A4BQ350 Class L-350 Amp 600V
A4BQ400 Class L-400 Amp 600V
A4BQ450 Class L-450 Amp 600V
A4BQ500 Class L-500 Amp 600V
A4BQ600 Class L-600 Amp 600V
A4BQ650 Class L-650 Amp 600V
A4BQ700 Class L-700 Amp 600V
A4BQ750 Class L-750 Amp 600V
A4BQ800 Class L-800 Amp 600V
A4BQ900 Class L-900 Amp 600V
A4BQ1000 Class L-1000 Amp 600V
A4BQ1200 Class L-1200 Amp 600V
A4BQ1350 Class L-1350 Amp 600V
A4BQ1400 Class L-1400 Amp 600V
A4BQ1500 Class L-1500 Amp 600V
A4BQ1600 Class L-1600 Amp 600V
A4BQ1800 Class L-1800 Amp 600V
A4BQ1900 Class L-1900 Amp 600V
A4BQ2000 Class L-2000 Amp 600V
A4BQ2500 Class L-2500 Amp 600V
A4BQ2501 Class L-2501 Amp 600V
A4BQ3000 Class L-3000 Amp 600V
A4BQ3500 Class L-3500 Amp 600V
A4BQ3800 Class L-3800 Amp 600V
A4BQ4000 Class L-4000 Amp 600V
A4BQ5000 Class L-5000 Amp 600V
A4BQ6000 Class L-6000 Amp 600V
ATQR1/10 Class CC- 1/10 Amp 600V
ATQR1/8 Class CC- 1/8 Amp 600V
ATQR3/16 Class CC- 3/16 Amp 600V
ATQR2/10 Class CC- 2/10 Amp 600V
ATQR1/4 Class CC- 1/4 Amp 600V
ATQR3/10 Class CC- 3/10 Amp 600V
ATQR4/10 Class CC- 4/10 Amp 600V
ATQR1/2 Class CC- 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR6/10 Class CC- 6/10 Amp 600V
ATQR3/4 Class CC- 3/4 Amp 600V
ATQR8/10 Class CC- 8/10 Amp 600V
ATQR1 Class CC- 1 Amp 600V
ATQR1-1/8 Class CC- 1 1/8 Amp 600V
ATQR1-1/4 Class CC- 1 1/4 Amp 600V
ATQR1-4/10 Class CC- 1 4/10 Amp 600V
ATQR1-1/2 Class CC- 1 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR1-6/10 Class CC- 1 6/10 Amp 600V
ATQR1-8/10 Class CC- 1 8/10 Amp 600V
ATQR2 Class CC- 2 Amp 600V
ATQR2-1/4 Class CC- 2 1/4 Amp 600V
ATQR2-1/2 Class CC- 2 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR2-8/10 Class CC- 2 8/10 Amp 600V
ATQR3 Class CC- 3 Amp 600V
ATQR3-2/10 Class CC- 3 2/10 Amp 600V
ATQR3-1/2 Class CC- 3 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR4 Class CC- 4 Amp 600V
ATQR4-1/2 Class CC- 4 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR5 Class CC- 5 Amp 600V
ATQR5-6/10 Class CC- 5 6/10 Amp 600V
ATQR6 Class CC- 6 Amp 600V
ATQR6-1/4 Class CC- 6 1/4Amp 600V
ATQR7 Class CC- 7 Amp 600V
ATQR71/2 Class CC- 7 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR8 Class CC- 8 Amp 600V
ATQR9 Class CC- 9 Amp 600V
ATQR10 Class CC- 10 Amp 600V
ATQR12 Class CC- 12 Amp 600V
ATQR17-1/2 Class CC- 17 1/2 Amp 600V
ATQR20 Class CC- 20 Amp 600V
ATQR25 Class CC- 25 Amp 600V
ATQR30 Class CC- 30 Amp 600V
ATDR1/4 Class CC- 1/4 Amp 600V
ATDR1/2 Class CC- 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR8/10 Class CC- 8/10 Amp 600V
ATDR1 Class CC- 1 Amp 600V
ATDR1-1/8 Class CC- 1 1/8 Amp 600V
ATDR1-1/4 Class CC- 1 1/4 Amp 600V
ATDR1-4/10 Class CC- 1 4/10 Amp 600V
ATDR1-1/2 Class CC- 1 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR1-6/10 Class CC- 1 6/10 Amp 600V
ATDR1-8/10 Class CC- 1 8/10 Amp 600V
ATDR2 Class CC- 2 Amp 600V
ATDR2-1/4 Class CC- 2 1/4 Amp 600V
ATDR2-1/2 Class CC- 2 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR2-8/10 Class CC- 2 8/0 Amp 600V
ATDR3 Class CC- 3 Amp 600V
ATDR3-2/10 Class CC- 3 2/10 Amp 600V
ATDR3-1/2 Class CC- 3 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR4 Class CC- 4 Amp 600V
ATDR4-1/2 Class CC- 4 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR5 Class CC- 5 Amp 600V
ATDR5-6/10 Class CC- 5 6/10 Amp 600V
ATDR6 Class CC- 6 Amp 600V 600V
ATDR6-1/4 Class CC- 6 1/4 Amp 600V 600V
ATDR7 Class CC- 7 Amp 600V 600V
ATDR7-1/2 Class CC- 7 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR8 Class CC- 8 Amp 600V
ATDR9 Class CC- 9 Amp 600V
ATDR10 Class CC- 10 Amp 600V
ATDR12 Class CC- 12 Amp 600V
ATDR15 Class CC- 15 Amp 600V
ATDR17-1/2 Class CC- 17 1/2 Amp 600V
ATDR20 Class CC- 20 Amp 600V
ATDR25 Class CC- 25 Amp 600V
ATDR30 Class CC- 30 Amp 600V
A2D1/10R Class RK1- 1/10 Amp/250V
A2D15/100R Class RK1- 15/10 Amp/250V
A2D2/10R Class RK1- 2/10 Amp/250V
A2D1/4R Class RK1- 1/4 Amp/250V
A2D3/10R Class RK1- 3/10 Amp/250V
A2D4/10R Class RK1- 4/10 Amp/250V
A2D1/2R Class RK1- 1/2 Amp/250V
A2D6/10R Class RK1- 6/10 Amp/250V
A2D8/10R Class RK1- 8/10 Amp/250V
A2D1R Class RK1- 1 Amp/250V
A2D1-1/8R Class RK1- 1 1/8 Amp/250V
A2D1-1/4R Class RK1- 1/4 Amp/250V
A2D1-4/10R Class RK1- 1 4/10 Amp/250V
A2D1-6/10R Class RK1- 1 6/10 Amp/250V
A2D1-8/10R Class RK1-  1 8/10 Amp/250V
A2D2R Class RK1- 2 Amp/250V
A2D2-1/4R Class RK1- 2 1/4 Amp/250V
A2D2-1/2R Class RK1- 2 1/2 Amp/250V
A2D2-8/10R Class RK1- 2 8/10 Amp/250V
A2D3R Class RK1- 3 Amp/250V
A2D3-2/10R Class RK1- 3 2/10 Amp/250V
A2D3-1/2R Class RK1- 3 1/2 Amp/250V
A2D4R Class RK1- 4 Amp/250V
A2D4-1/2R Class RK1- 4 1/2 Amp/250V
A2D5R Class RK1- 5 Amp/250V
A2D5-6/10R Class RK1- 6/10 Amp/250V
A2D6R Class RK1- 6 Amp/250V
A2D6-1/4R Class RK1- 6 1/4 Amp/250V
A2D7R Class RK1- 7 Amp/250V
A2D8R Class RK1- 8 Amp/250V
A2D9R Class RK1- 9Amp/250V
A2D10R Class RK1- 10 Amp/250V
A2D12R Class RK1- 12 Amp/250V
A2D15R Class RK1- 15 Amp/250V
A2D17-1/2R Class RK1- 17 1/2 Amp/250V
A2D20R Class RK1- 20 Amp/250V
A2D25R Class RK1- 25 Amp/250V
A2D30R Class RK1- 30 Amp/250V
A2D35R Class RK1- 35 Amp/250V
A2D40R Class RK1- 40 Amp/250V
A2D45R Class RK1- 45 Amp/250V
A2D50R Class RK1- 50 Amp/250V
A2D60R Class RK1- 60 Amp/250V
A2D70R Class RK1- 70 Amp/250V
A2D75R Class RK1- 75 Amp/250V
A2D80R Class RK1- 80 Amp/250V
A2D90R Class RK1- 90 Amp/250V
A2D100R Class RK1- 100 Amp/250V
A2D110R Class RK1- 110 Amp/250V
A2D125R Class RK1- 125 Amp/250V
A2D150R Class RK1- 150 Amp/250V
A2D175R Class RK1- 175 Amp/250V
A2D200R Class RK1- 200 Amp/250V
A2D225R Class RK1- 225 Amp/250V
A2D250R Class RK1- 250 Amp/250V
A2D300R Class RK1- 300 Amp/250V
A2D350R Class RK1- 350 Amp/250V
A2D400R Class RK1- 400 Amp/250V
A2D450R Class RK1- 450 Amp/250V
A2D500R Class RK1- 500 Amp/250V
A2D600R Class RK1- 600 Amp/250V
A6D1/10R Class RK1- 1/10 Amp/600V
A6D15/100R Class RK1- 15/100 Amp/600V
A6D2/10R Class RK1- 2/10 Amp/600V
A6D1/4R Class RK1- 1/4 Amp/600V
A6D3/10R Class RK1- 3/10 Amp/600V
A6D4/10R Class RK1- 4/10 Amp/600V
A6D1/2R Class RK1- 1/2 Amp/600V
A6D6/10R Class RK1- 6/10 Amp/600V
A6D8/10R Class RK1- 8/10 Amp/600V
A6D1R Class RK1- 1 Amp/600V
A6D1-1/8R Class RK1- 1 1/8 Amp/600V
A6D1-1/4R Class RK1- 1 1/4 Amp/600V
A6D1-4/10R Class RK1- 1 4/10 Amp/600V
A6D1-6/10R Class RK1- 1 6/10 Amp/600V
A6D1-8/10R Class RK1- 1 8/10 Amp/600V
A6D2R Class RK1- 2 Amp/600V
A6D2-1/4R Class RK1- 2 1/4 Amp/600V
A6D2-1/2R Class RK1- 2 1/2 Amp/600V
A6D2-8/10R Class RK1- 2 8/10 Amp/600V
A6D3R Class RK1- 3 Amp/600V
A6D3-2/10R Class RK1- 3/20 Amp/600V
A6D3-1/2R Class RK1- 3 1/2 Amp/600V
A6D4R Class RK1- 4 Amp/600V
A6D4-1/2R Class RK1- 4 1/2 Amp/600V
A6D5R Class RK1- 5 Amp/600V
A6D5-6/10R Class RK1- 5 6/10 Amp/600V
A6D6R Class RK1- 6 Amp/600V
A6D6-1/4R Class RK1- 6 1/4 Amp/600V
A6D7R Class RK1- 7 Amp/600V
A6D8R Class RK1- 8 Amp/600V
A6D9R Class RK1- 9 Amp/600V
A6D10R Class RK1- 10 Amp/600V
A6D12R Class RK1- 12 Amp/600V
A6D15R Class RK1- 15 Amp/600V
A6D17-1/2R Class RK1- 17 1/2 Amp/600V
A6D20R Class RK1- 20 Amp/600V
A6D25R Class RK1- 25 Amp/600V
A6D30R Class RK1- 30 Amp/600V
A6D35R Class RK1- 35 Amp/600V
A6D40R Class RK1- 40 Amp/600V
A6D45R Class RK1- 45 Amp/600V
A6D50R Class RK1- 50 Amp/600V
A6D60R Class RK1- 60 Amp/600V
A6D70R Class RK1- 70 Amp/600V
A6D75R Class RK1- 75 Amp/600V
A6D80R Class RK1-80 Amp/600V
A6D90R Class RK1- 90 Amp/600V
A6D100R Class RK1- 100 Amp/600V
A6D125R Class RK1- 125 Amp/600V
A6D150R Class RK1- 150 Amp/600V
A6D175R Class RK1- 175 Amp/600V
A6D200R Class RK1- 200 Amp/600V
A6D225R Class RK1- 225 Amp/600V
A6D250R Class RK1- 250 Amp/600V
A6D300R Class RK1- 300 Amp/600V
A6D350R Class RK1- 350 Amp/600V
A6D400R Class RK1- 400 Amp/600V
A6D450R Class RK1- 450 Amp/600V
A6D500R Class RK1- 500 Amp/600V
A6D600R Class RK1- 600 Amp/600V
A4J1 Class J- 90 Amp/600V
A4J3 Class J- 3 Amp/600V
A4J6 Class J- 6Amp/600V
A4J10 Class J- 10 Amp/600V
A4J15 Class J- 15 Amp/600V
A4J20 Class J- 20 Amp/600V
A4J25 Class J- 25 Amp/600V
A4J30 Class J- 30 Amp/600V
A4J35 Class J- 35 Amp/600V
A4J40 Class J- 40 Amp/600V
A4J45 Class J- 45 Amp/600V
A4J50 Class J- 50 Amp/600V
A4J60 Class J- 60 Amp/600V
A4J70 Class J- 70 Amp/600V
A4J75 Class J- 75 Amp/600V
A4J80 Class J- 80 Amp/600V
A4J90 Class J- 90 Amp/600V
A4J100 Class J- 100 Amp/600V
A4J110 Class J- 110 Amp/600V
A4J125 Class J- 125 Amp/600V
A4J150 Class J- 150 Amp/600V
A4J175 Class J- 175 Amp/600V
A4J200 Class J- 200 Amp/600V
A4J225 Class J- 225 Amp/600V
A4J250 Class J- 250 Amp/600V
A4J300 Class J- 300 Amp/600V
A4J350 Class J- 350 Amp/600V
A4J400 Class J- 400 Amp/600V
A4J450 Class J- 450 Amp/600V
A4J500 Class J- 500 Amp/600V
A4J600 Class J- 600 Amp/600V
HSJ1 Class J- 1 Amp/600V
HSJ3 Class J- 3 Amp/600V
HSJ6 Class J- 6 Amp/600V
HSJ10 Class J- 10 Amp/600V
HSJ15 Class J- 15 Amp/600V
HSJ17 1/2 Class J- 17 1/2 Amp/600V
HSJ20 Class J- 20 Amp/600V
HSJ25 Class J- 25 Amp/600V
HSJ30 Class J- 30 Amp/600V
HSJ35 Class J- 35 Amp/600V
HSJ40 Class J- 40 Amp/600V
HSJ45 Class J- 45 Amp/600V
HSJ50 Class J- 50 Amp/600V
HSJ60 Class J- 60 Amp/600V
HSJ70 Class J- 70 Amp/600V
HSJ80 Class J- 80 Amp/600V
HSJ90 Class J- 90 Amp/600V
HSJ100 Class J- 100 Amp/600V
HSJ110 Class J- 110 Amp/600V
HSJ125 Class J- 125 Amp/600V
HSJ150 Class J- 150 Amp/600V
HSJ175 Class J- 175 Amp/600V
HSJ200 Class J- 200 Amp/600V
HSJ225 Class J- 225 Amp/600V
HSJ250 Class J- 250 Amp/600V
HSJ300 Class J- 300 Amp/600V
HSJ350 Class J- 350 Amp/600V
HSJ400 Class J- 400 Amp/600V
HSJ450 Class J- 450 Amp/600V
HSJ500 Class J- 500 Amp/600V
HSJ600 Class J- 600 Amp/600V
ATMR1/10 Class CC- 1/10 Amp/600V
ATMR1/8 Class CC- 1/8 Amp/600V
ATMR2/10 Class CC- 2/10 Amp/600V
ATMR1/4 Class CC- 1/4 Amp/600V
ATMR3/10 Class CC- 3/10 Amp/600V
ATMR1/2 Class CC- 1/2 Amp/600V
ATMR3/4 Class CC- 3/4 Amp/600V
ATMR1 Class CC- 1 Amp/600V
ATMR1-1/4 Class CC- 1 1/4 Amp/600V
ATMR1-1/2 Class CC- 1 1/2 Amp/600V
ATMR2 Class CC- 2 Amp/600V
ATMR2-1/2 Class CC- 2 1/2 Amp/600V
ATMR3 Class CC- 3 Amp/600V
ATMR3-1/2 Class CC- 3 1/2 Amp/600V
ATMR4 Class CC- 4 Amp/600V
ATMR5 Class CC- 5 Amp/600V
ATMR6 Class CC- 6 Amp/600V
ATMR7 Class CC- 7 Amp/600V
ATMR8 Class CC- 8 Amp/600V
ATMR9 Class CC- 9 Amp/600V
ATMR10 Class CC- 10 Amp/600V
ATMR12 Class CC- 12 Amp/600V
ATMR15 Class CC- 15 Amp/600V
ATMR20 Class CC- 20 Amp/600V
ATMR25 Class CC- 25 Amp/600V
ATMR30 Class CC- 30 Amp/600V
A4BY200 Class L-200 Amp/600V
A4BY250 Class L-250 Amp/600V
A4BY300 Class L-300 Amp/600V
A4BY350 Class L-350 Amp/600V
A4BY400 Class L-400 Amp/600V
A4BY450 Class L-450 Amp/600V
A4BY500 Class L-500 Amp/600V
A4BY600 Class L-600 Amp/600V
A4BY601 Class L-601 Amp/600V
A4BY650 Class L-650 Amp/600V
A4BY700 Class L-700 Amp/600V
A4BY750 Class L-750 Amp/600V
A4BY800 Class L-800 Amp/600V
A4BY900 Class L-900 Amp/600V
A4BY1000 Class L-1000 Amp/600V
A4BY1100 Class L-1100 Amp/600V
A4BY1200 Class L-1200 Amp/600V
A4BY1201 Class L-1201 Amp/600V
A4BY1350 Class L-1350 Amp/600V
A4BY1400 Class L-1400 Amp/600V
A4BY1500 Class L-1500 Amp/600V
A4BY1600 Class L-1600 Amp/600V
A4BY1601 Class L-1601 Amp/600V
A4BY1800 Class L-1800 Amp/600V
A4BY2000 Class L-2000 Amp/600V
A4BY2001 Class L-2001 Amp/600V
A4BY2200 Class L-2200 Amp/600V
A4BY2500 Class L-2500 Amp/600V
A4BY3000 Class L-3000 Amp/600V
A4BY3001 Class L-3001 Amp/600V
A4BY3500 Class L-3500 Amp/600V
A4BY4000 Class L-4000 Amp/600V
A4BY4001 Class L-4001 Amp/600V
A4BY4500 Class L-4500 Amp/600V
A4BY5000 Class L-5000 Amp/600V
A4BY6000 Class L-6000 Amp/600V
A4BT200 Class L-200 Amp/600V
A4BT250 Class L-250 Amp/600V
A4BT300 Class L-300 Amp/600V
A4BT350 Class L-350 Amp/600V
A4BT400 Class L-400 Amp/600V
A4BT450 Class L-450 Amp/600V
A4BT500 Class L-500 Amp/600V
A4BT600 Class L-600 Amp/600V
A4BT601 Class L-601 Amp/600V
A4BT650 Class L-650 Amp/600V
A4BT700 Class L-700 Amp/600V
A4BT750 Class L-750 Amp/600V
A4BT800 Class L-800 Amp/600V
A4BT900 Class L-900 Amp/600V
A4BT1000 Class L-1000 Amp/600V
A4BT1100 Class L-1100 Amp/600V
A4BT1200 Class L-1200 Amp/600V
A4BT1400 Class L-1400 Amp/600V
A4BT1500 Class L-1500 Amp/600V
A4BT1600 Class L-1600 Amp/600V
A4BT1800 Class L-1800 Amp/600V
A4BT2000 Class L-2000 Amp/600V
HSRK70R Class RK1- 70 Amp/600V
HSRK80R Class RK1- 80 Amp/600V
HSRK90R Class RK1- 90 Amp/600V
HSRK100R Class RK1- 100 Amp/600V
HSRK110R Class RK1- 110 Amp/600V
HSRK125R Class RK1- 125 Amp/600V
HSRK150R Class RK1- 150 Amp/600V
HSRK175R Class RK1- 175 Amp/600V
HSRK200R Class RK1- 200 Amp/600V
HSRK225R Class RK1- 225 Amp/600V
HSRK250R Class RK1- 250 Amp/600V
HSRK300R Class RK1- 300 Amp/600V
HSRK350R Class RK1- 350 Amp/600V
HSRK400R Class RK1- 400 Amp/600V
HSRK450R Class RK1- 450 Amp/600V
HSRK500R Class RK1- 500 Amp/600V
HSRK600R Class RK1- 600 Amp/600V
A2K1R Class RK1- 1 Amp/250V
A2K3R Class RK1- 3 Amp/250V
A2K4R Class RK1- 4 Amp/250V
A2K5R Class RK1- 5 Amp/250V
A2K6R Class RK1- 6 Amp/250V
A2K8R Class RK1- 8 Amp/250V
A2K10R Class RK1- 10 Amp/250V
A2K12R Class RK1- 12 Amp/250V
A2K15R Class RK1- 15 Amp/250V
A2K20R Class RK1- 20 Amp/250V
A2K25R Class RK1- 25 Amp/250V
A2K30R Class RK1- 30 Amp/250V
A2K35R Class RK1- 35 Amp/250V
A2K40R Class RK1- 40 Amp/250V
A2K45R Class RK1- 45 Amp/250V
A2K50R Class RK1- 50 Amp/250V
A2K60R Class RK1- 60 Amp/250V
A2K70R Class RK1- 70 Amp/250V
A2K80R Class RK1- 80 Amp/250V
A2K90R Class RK1- 90 Amp/250V
A2K100R Class RK1- 100 Amp/250V
A2K110R Class RK1- 110 Amp/250V
A2K125R Class RK1- 125 Amp/250V
A2K150R Class RK1- 150 Amp/250V
A2K175R Class RK1- 175 Amp/250V
A2K200R Class RK1- 200 Amp/250V
A2K225R Class RK1- 225 Amp/250V
A2K250R Class RK1- 250 Amp/250V
A2K300R Class RK1- 300 Amp/250V
A2K350R Class RK1- 350 Amp/250V
A2K400R Class RK1- 400 Amp/250V
A2K450R Class RK1- 450 Amp/250V
A2K500R Class RK1- 500 Amp/250V
A2K600R Class RK1- 600 Amp/250V
A6K1R Class RK1- 1 Amp/600V
A6K3R Class RK1- 3 Amp/600V
A6K4R Class RK1- 4 Amp/600V
A6K5R Class RK1- 5 Amp/600V
A6K6R Class RK1- 6 Amp/600V
A6K7R Class RK1- 7 Amp/600V
A6K10R Class RK1- 10 Amp/600V
A6K12R Class RK1- 12 Amp/600V
A6K15R Class RK1- 15 Amp/600V
A6K20R Class RK1- 20 Amp/600V
A6K25R Class RK1- 25 Amp/600V
A6K30R Class RK1- 30 Amp/600V
A6K35R Class RK1- 35 Amp/600V
A6K40R Class RK1- 40 Amp/600V
A6K45R Class RK1- 45 Amp/600V
A6K50R Class RK1- 50 Amp/600V
A6K60R Class RK1- 60 Amp/600V
A6K70R Class RK1- 70 Amp/600V
A6K80R Class RK1- 80 Amp/600V
A6K90R Class RK1- 90 Amp/600V
A6K100R Class RK1- 100 Amp/600V
A6K110R Class RK1- 110 Amp/600V
A6K125R Class RK1- 125 Amp/600V
A6K150R Class RK1- 150 Amp/600V
A6K175R Class RK1- 175 Amp/600V
A6K200R Class RK1- 200 Amp/600V
A6K225R Class RK1- 225 Amp/600V
A6K250R Class RK1- 250 Amp/600V
A6K300R Class RK1- 300 Amp/600V
A6K350R Class RK1- 350 Amp/600V
A6K400R Class RK1- 400 Amp/600V
A6K450R Class RK1- 450 Amp/600V
A6K500R Class RK1- 500 Amp/600V
A6K600R Class RK1- 600 Amp/600V
TR1/10R Class RK5- 1/10 Amp/250V
TR1/8R Class RK5- 1/8 Amp/250V
TR15/100R Class RK5- 15/100 Amp/250V
TR2/10R Class RK5- 2/10 Amp/250V
TR1/4R Class RK5- 1/4 Amp/250V
TR3/10R Class RK5- 3/10 Amp/250V
TR4/10R Class RK5- 4/10 Amp/250V
TR1/2R Class RK5- 1/2 Amp/250V
TR6/10R Class RK5- 6/10 Amp/250V
TR8/10R Class RK5- 8/10 Amp/250V
TR1R Class RK5- 1 Amp/250V
TR1-1/8R Class RK5- 1/8 Amp/250V
TR1-1/4R Class RK5- 1/4 Amp/250V
TR1-4/10R Class RK5- 4/10 Amp/250V
TR1-1/2R Class RK5- 1/2 Amp/250V
TR1-6/10R Class RK5- 6/10 Amp/250V
TR1-8/10R Class RK5- 8/10 Amp/250V
TR2R Class RK5- 2 Amp/250V
TR2-1/4R Class RK5- 2 1/4 Amp/250V
TR2-1/2R Class RK5- 2 1/2 Amp/250V
TR2-8/10R Class RK5- 8/10 Amp/250V
TR3R Class RK5- 3 Amp/250V
TR3-2/10R Class RK5- 3 2/10 Amp/250V
TR3-1/2R Class RK5- 3 1/2 Amp/250V
TR4R Class RK5- 4 Amp/250V
TR4-1/2R Class RK5- 4  Amp/250V
TR5R Class RK5- 5 Amp/250V
TR5-6/10R Class RK5- 5 6/10 Amp/250V
TR6R Class RK5- 6 Amp/250V
TR6-1/4R Class RK5- 6 1/4 Amp/250V
TR7R Class RK5- 7 Amp/250V
TR71/2R Class RK5- 7 1/2 Amp/250V
TR8R Class RK5- 8 Amp/250V
TR9R Class RK5- 9 Amp/250V
TR10R Class RK5- 10 Amp/250V
TR12R Class RK5- 12 Amp/250V
TR15R Class RK5- 15 Amp/250V
TR17-1/2R Class RK5- 17 1/2 Amp/250V
TR20R Class RK5- 20 Amp/250V
TR25R Class RK5- 25 Amp/250V
TR30R Class RK5- 30 Amp/250V
TR35R Class RK5- 35 Amp/250V
TR40R Class RK5- 40 Amp/250V
TR45R Class RK5- 45 Amp/250V
TR50R Class RK5- 50 Amp/250V
TR60R Class RK5- 60 Amp/250V
TR70R Class RK5- 70 Amp/250V
TR80R Class RK5- 80 Amp/250V
TR90R Class RK5- 90 Amp/250V
TR100R Class RK5- 100 Amp/250V
TR110R Class RK5- 110 Amp/250V
TR125R Class RK5- 125 Amp/250V
TR150R Class RK5- 150 Amp/250V
TR175R Class RK5- 175 Amp/250V
TR200R Class RK5- 200 Amp/250V
TR225R Class RK5- 225 Amp/250V
TR250R Class RK5- 250 Amp/250V
TR300R Class RK5- 300 Amp/250V
TR350R Class RK5- 350Amp/250V
TR400R Class RK5- 300 Amp/250V
TR450R Class RK5- 450 Amp/250V
TR500R Class RK5- 500 Amp/250V
TR600R Class RK5- 600 Amp/250V
TRS1/10R Class RK5- 1/10 Amp/600V
TRS1/8R Class RK5- 1/8 Amp/600V
TRS15/100R Class RK5- 15/100 Amp/600V
TRS2/10R Class RK5- 2/10 Amp/600V
TRS1/4R Class RK5- 1/4 Amp/600V
TRS3/10R Class RK5- 3/10 Amp/600V
TRS4/10R Class RK5- 4/10 Amp/600V
TRS1/2R Class RK5- 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS6/10R Class RK5- 6/10 Amp/600V
TRS8/10R Class RK5- 8/10 Amp/600V
TRS1R Class RK5- 1 Amp/600V
TRS1-1/8R Class RK5- 1 1/8 Amp/600V
TRS1-1/4R Class RK5- 1 1/4 Amp/600V
TRS1-4/10R Class RK5- 1 4/10 Amp/600V
TRS1-1/2R Class RK5- 1 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS1-6/10R Class RK5- 1 6/10 Amp/600V
TRS1-8/10R Class RK5- 1 8/10 Amp/600V
TRS2R Class RK5- 2 Amp/600V
TRS2-1/4R Class RK5- 2 1/4 Amp/600V
TRS2-1/2R Class RK5- 2 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS2-8/10R Class RK5- 2 8/10 Amp/600V
TRS2R Class RK5- 2 Amp/600V
TRS2-1/4R Class RK5- 2 1/4 Amp/600V
TRS2-1/2R Class RK5- 2 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS2-8/10R Class RK5- 2 8/10 Amp/600V
TRS3R Class RK5- 3 Amp/600V
TRS3-2/10R Class RK5- 3 2/10 Amp/600V
TRS3-1/2R Class RK5- 3 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS4R Class RK5- 4 Amp/600V
TRS4-1/2R Class RK5- 4 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS5R Class RK5- 5 Amp/600V
TRS5-6/10R Class RK5- 6/10 Amp/600V
TRS6R Class RK5- 6 Amp/600V
TRS6-1/4R Class RK5- 6 1/4 Amp/600V
TRS7R Class RK5- 7 Amp/600V
TRS71/2R Class RK5- 7 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS8R Class RK5- 8 Amp/600V
TRS9R Class RK5- 9 Amp/600V
TRS10R Class RK5- 10 Amp/600V
TRS12R Class RK5- 12 Amp/600V
TRS15R Class RK5- 15 Amp/600V
TRS17-1/2R Class RK5- 17 1/2 Amp/600V
TRS20R Class RK5- 20 Amp/600V
TRS25R Class RK5- 25 Amp/600V
TRS30R Class RK5- 30 Amp/600V
TRS35R Class RK5- 35 Amp/600V
TRS40R Class RK5- 40 Amp/600V
TRS45R Class RK5- 45 Amp/600V
TRS50R Class RK5- 50 Amp/600V
TRS60R Class RK5- 60 Amp/600V
TRS70R Class RK5- 70 Amp/600V
TRS75R Class RK5- 75 Amp/600V
TRS80R Class RK5- 80 Amp/600V
TRS100R Class RK5- 100 Amp/600V
TRS110R Class RK5- 110 Amp/600V
TRS125R Class RK5- 125 Amp/600V
TRS150R Class RK5- 150 Amp/600V
TRS175R Class RK5- 175 Amp/600V
TRS200R Class RK5- 200 Amp/600V
TRS225R Class RK5- 225 Amp/600V
1700.002-L Neozed- 2 Amp/400V
1700.004-L Neozed- 4 Amp/400V
1700.006-L Neozed- 6 Amp/400V
1700.010-L Neozed- 10 Amp/400V
1700.016-L Neozed- 16 Amp/400V
1701.020-L Neozed- 20 Amp/400V
1701.025-L Neozed- 25 Amp/400V
1701.035-L Neozed- 35 Amp/400V
1701.050-L Neozed- 50 Amp/400V
1701.063-L Neozed- 63 Amp/400V
1702.080-L Neozed- 80 Amp/400V
1702.100-L Neozed- 100 Amp/400V
1701.0205-L Neozed- 20 Amp/400V
1701.0255-L Neozed- 25 Amp/400V
1701.0355-L Neozed- 35 Amp/400V
1714.0002-L Neozed- 16 Amp/400V Plastic
1715.0002-L Neozed- 63 Amp/400V Plastic
11714.00022-L Neozed- 16 Amp/400V Plastic
11715.00022-L Neozed- 63 Amp/400V Plastic
1715-L Neozed- 63 Amp/400V Plastic
1710.0002-L Neozed- 16 Amp/400V Porcelain
1711.0002-L Neozed- 63 Amp/400V Porcelain
1712.0002-L Neozed- 100 Amp/400V Porcelain
1705.002-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 2 Amp/400V
1705.004-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 4 Amp/400V
1705.006-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 6 Amp/400V
1705.010-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 10 Amp/400V
1706.002-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 2 Amp/400V
1706.004-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 4 Amp/400V
1706.006-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 6 Amp/400V
1706.010-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 10 Amp/400V
1706.016-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 16 Amp/400V
1706.020-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 20 Amp/400V
1706.025-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 25 Amp/400V
1706.035-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 35 Amp/400V
1706.050-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 50 Amp/400V
1707.080-L Neozed Gauge Rings- 80 Amp/400V
1718.7-L Neozed Insulating covers
1728-L Neozed Insulating covers
1721.03-L Neozed Insulating covers
1732.7-L Neozed Insulating covers
1720.1-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1721.2-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1721.4-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1722.4-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 100 Amp
1730.1-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1731.2-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1731.4-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1720.15-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1721.25-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1721.45-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1722.45-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 100 Amp
1730.15-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1731.252-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1731.452-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1720.17-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1721.37-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1730.172-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 16 Amp
1721.27-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1721.47-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1731.272-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1731.472-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 63 Amp
1722.47-L Neozed Fuse Bases - 100 Amp
1713-L Neozed Accessories - Holding Spring
1709-L Noezed Accessories - Holding Spring
1707-L Neozed Accessories - Spacer
1708-L Neozed Accessories - Guage Ring Key
1716-L Neozed Accessories - Screw Cap Remover
1716.333-L Neozed Accessories - Screw Cap Remover
685.1-L Fuse Base25 Amp/500V
686.4-L Fuse Base 63 Amp/500V
685.11-L Fuse Base 25 Amp/500V
686.41-L Fuse Base 63 Amp/500V
81.1-L Fuse Base 25 Amp/500V
72.4-L Fuse Base 63 Amp/500V
81.11-L Fuse Base 25 Amp/500V
72.41-L Fuse Base 63 Amp/500V
594.002-L Diazed- 2 Amp/500V
594.004-L Diazed- 4 Amp/500V
594.006-L Diazed- 6 Amp/500V
594.01-L Diazed- 10 Amp/500V
594.016-L Diazed- 16 Amp/500V
594.02-L Diazed- 20 Amp/500V
594.025-L Diazed- 25 Amp/500V
597.002-L Diazed- 2 Amp/500V
597.004-L Diazed- 4 Amp/500V
597.006-L Diazed- 6 Amp/500V
597.01-L Diazed- 10 Amp/500V
597.016-L Diazed- 16 Amp/500V
597.02-L Diazed- 10 Amp/500V
597.025-L Diazed- 25 Amp/500V
598.035-L Diazed- 35 Amp/500V
598.05-L Diazed- 50 Amp/500V
598.063-L Diazed- 63 Amp/500V
594.0027-L Diazed gG Fuses- 2 Amp/500V
594.0047-L Diazed gG Fuses- 4 Amp/500V
594.0067-L Diazed gG Fuses- 6 Amp/500V
594.0107-L Diazed gG Fuses- 10 Amp/500V
594.0167-L Diazed gG Fuses- 16 Amp/500V
594.0207-L Diazed gG Fuses- 20 Amp/500V
597.0257-L Diazed gG Fuses- 25 Amp/500V
597.0027-L Diazed gG Fuses- 2 Amp/500V
597.0047-L Diazed gG Fuses- 4 Amp/500V
597.0067-L Diazed gG Fuses- 6 Amp/500V
597.0107-L Diazed gG Fuses- 10 Amp/500V
597.0167-L Diazed gG Fuses- 16 Amp/500V
597.0207-L Diazed gG Fuses- 20 Amp/500V
597.0257-L Diazed gG Fuses- 25 Amp/500V
598.0357-L Diazed gG Fuses- 35 Amp/500V
598.0507-L Diazed gG Fuses- 50 Amp/500V
598.0637-L Diazed gG Fuses- 63 Amp/500V
595.0807-L Diazed gG Fuses- 80 Amp/500V
595.1007-L Diazed gG Fuses- 100 Amp/500V
596.1257-L Diazed gG Fuses- 125 Amp/500V
596.1607-L Diazed gG Fuses- 160 Amp/500V
596.2007-L Diazed gG Fuses- 200 Amp/500V
690.0002-L Screw Caps- 25 Amp/500V
691.0002-L Screw Caps- 63 Amp/500V
589-L Screw Caps- 25 Amp/500V
690-L Screw Caps- 25 Amp/500V
691-L Screw Caps- 63 Amp/500V
592-L Screw Caps- 100 Amp/500V
2071-L Screw Caps- 25 Amp/500V
2072-L Screw Caps- 63 Amp/500V
1655.002-L Guage Rings- 2 Amp/500V
1655.004-L Guage Rings- 4 Amp/500V
1655.006-L Guage Rings- 6 Amp/500V
1655.010-L Guage Rings- 10 Amp/500V
1655.016-L Guage Rings- 16 Amp/500V
1657.002-L Guage Rings- 2 Amp/500V
1657.004-L Guage Rings- 4 Amp/500V
1657.006-L Guage Rings- 6 Amp/500V
1657.010-L Guage Rings- 10 Amp/500V
1657.016-L Guage Rings- 16 Amp/500V
1657.020-L Guage Rings- 20 Amp/500V
1657.025-L Guage Rings- 25 Amp/500V
1658.035-L Guage Rings- 35 Amp/500V
1658.050-L Guage Rings- 50 Amp/500V
1658.063-L Guage Rings- 63 Amp/500V
1652.002-L Guage Rings- 2 Amp/500V
1652.004-L Guage Rings- 4 Amp/500V
1652.006-L Guage Rings- 6 Amp/500V
1652.010-L Guage Rings- 10 Amp/500V
1652.016-L Guage Rings- 16 Amp/500V
1652.020-L Guage Rings- 20 Amp/500V
1652.025-L Guage Rings- 25 Amp/500V
1653.035-L Guage Rings- 35 Amp/500V
1653.050-L Guage Rings- 50 Amp/500V
1657.993-L D II, D III Key for D gauge pieces
685.7-L D II (40mm width) Cover
686.7-L D III (50mm width) Cover
685.709-L D II (45mm width) Cover
686.709-L D III (54mm width) Cover
181.9-L D II Touch protection rings - Plastic
182.9-L D III Touch protection rings - Plastic
581-L D II / D III Adapter fittings
2071.8-L D II Supply boards¹
2071.81-L D II Industry² Locking caps
2072.8-L D III Supply boards
2072.81-L D III Industry² Locking caps
1C613 NH Knife-Blade 2 Amp/690V
1C619 NH Knife-Blade 4 Amp/690V
1C623 NH Knife-Blade 6 Amp/690V
1C631 NH Knife-Blade 10 Amp/690V
1C635 NH Knife-Blade 16 Amp/690V
1C637 NH Knife-Blade 20 Amp/690V
1C639 NH Knife-Blade 25 Amp/690V
1C643 NH Knife-Blade 32 Amp/690V
1C645 NH Knife-Blade 35 Amp/690
1C647 NH Knife-Blade 40 Amp/690V
1C651 NH Knife-Blade 50 Amp/690V
1C655 NH Knife-Blade 63 Amp/690V
1C659 NH Knife-Blade 80 Amp/690V
1C743 NH Knife-Blade 32 Amp/690V
1C745 NH Knife-Blade 35 Amp/690V
1C747 NH Knife-Blade 40 Amp/690V
1C751 NH Knife-Blade 50 Amp/690V
1C755 NH Knife-Blade 63 Amp/690V
1C759 NH Knife-Blade 80 Amp/690V
1C763 NH Knife-Blade 100 Amp/690V
1C765 NH Knife-Blade 125 Amp/690V
1C023 NH Knife-Blade 6 Amp/690V
1C031 NH Knife-Blade 10 Amp/690V
1C035 NH Knife-Blade 16 Amp/690V
1C037 NH Knife-Blade 20 Amp/690V
1C039 NH Knife-Blade 25 Amp/690V
1C043 NH Knife-Blade 32 Amp/690V
1C045 NH Knife-Blade 35 Amp/690V
1C047 NH Knife-Blade 40 Amp/690V
1C051 NH Knife-Blade 50 Amp/690V
1C055 NH Knife-Blade 63 Amp/690V
1C059 NH Knife-Blade 80 Amp/690V
1C063 NH Knife-Blade 100 Amp/690V
1C065 NH Knife-Blade 125 Amp/690V
1C069 NH Knife-Blade 160 Amp/690V
1C135 NH Knife-Blade 16 Amp/690V
1C137 NH Knife-Blade 20 Amp/690V
1C139 NH Knife-Blade 25 Amp/690V
1C143 NH Knife-Blade 32 Amp/690V
1C145 NH Knife-Blade 35 Amp/690V
1C147 NH Knife-Blade 40 Amp/690V
1C151 NH Knife-Blade 50 Amp/690V
1C155 NH Knife-Blade 63 Amp/690V
1C159 NH Knife-Blade 80 Amp/690V
1C163 NH Knife-Blade 100 Amp/500V
1C165 NH Knife-Blade 125 Amp/500V
1C169 NH Knife-Blade 160 Amp/500V
1C171 NH Knife-Blade 200 Amp/500V
1B173 NH Knife-Blade 224 Amp/500V
1B175 NH Knife-Blade 250 Amp/500V
1C243 NH Knife-Blade 32 Amp/690V
1C245 NH Knife-Blade 35 Amp/690V
1C247 NH Knife-Blade 40 Amp/690V
1C251 NH Knife-Blade 50 Amp/690V
1C255 NH Knife-Blade 63 Amp/690V
1C259 NH Knife-Blade 80 Amp/690V
1C263 NH Knife-Blade 100 Amp/690V
1C265 NH Knife-Blade 125 Amp/690V
1C269 NH Knife-Blade 160 Amp/690V
1C271 NH Knife-Blade 200 Amp/690V
1C273 NH Knife-Blade224 Amp/690V
1C275 NH Knife-Blade 250 Amp/690V
1C277 NH Knife-Blade 300 Amp/690V
1C279 NH Knife-Blade 315 Amp/690V
1C281 NH Knife-Blade 355 Amp/690V
1C375 NH Knife-Blade 250 Amp/690V
1C377 NH Knife-Blade 300 Amp/690V
1C379 NH Knife-Blade 315 Amp/690V
1C381 NH Knife-Blade 355 Amp/690V
1C383 NH Knife-Blade 400 Amp/690V
1C385 NH Knife-Blade 425 Amp/690V
1C387 NH Knife-Blade 500 Amp/690V
8004 400765-L NH Knife-Blade 400 Amp/690V
8004 500765-L NH Knife-Blade 500 Amp/690V
8004 630765-L NH Knife-Blade 630 Amp/690V
8004 800765-L NH Knife-Blade 800 Amp/690V
8014 400765-L NH Knife-Blade 400 Amp/690V
8014 500765-L NH Knife-Blade 500 Amp/690V
8014 630765-L NH Knife-Blade 640 Amp/690V
8014 800765-L NH Knife-Blade 800 Amp/690V

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