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miniature/glass fuses

For maximum protection in minimum space, look to our expansive line of miniature and glass fuses. It offers a broad scope of solutions for electronic applications, including sub-miniature and automotive fuses.

1/4" x 1 1/4"

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250V GGC/GGC-V-3AG Fast Acting     
250V Fast Acting Glass 1/4" x 1 1/4" …more

1/4" x 1                                                                                              Back to top

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250V GGX 8AG Fast Acting    
250V Fast Acting Glass 1/4" x 1" …more

5 x 20mm                                                                                                               Back to top

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250V GDG/GDG-V Time Delay     
250V Time Delay Glass 5mm x 20mm …more
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250V GGM/GGM-V Fast Acting    
250V Fast Acting Glass 5mm x 20mm …more

4.5 x 14.5mm                                                                                        Back to top

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250V SMG/SMG-V Fast Acting     
250V Fast Acting Glass 4.5mm x 14.5mm …more
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250V STG/STG-V Time Delay    
250V Time Delay Glass 4.5mm x 14.5mm …more


Part Number


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GDG1 6.3x31 1A /250V
GGC1/10 6.3x31 1/10A /250V
GGC1/100 6.3x31 1/100A /250V
GGC1/16 6.3x31 1/16A /250V
GGC1/2 6.3x31 1/2A /250V
GGC1/32 6.3x31 1/32A /250V
GGC1/4 6.3x31 1/4A /250V
GGC1/8 6.3x31 1/8A /250V
GGC10 6.3x31 10A /250V
GGC1-1/2 6.3x31 1-1/2A /250V
GGC1-1/4 6.3x31 1-1/4A /250V
GGC12 6.3x31 12A /250V
GGC1-3/4 6.3x31 1-3/4A /250V
GGC15 6.3x31 15A /250V
GGC15/100 6.3x31 15/100A /250V
GGC1-6/10 6.3x31 1-6/10A /250V
GGC175/1000 6.3x31 175/1000A /250V
GGC2 6.3x31 2A /250V
GGC2/10 6.3x31 2/10A /250V
GGC2/20 6.3x31 2/20A /250V
GGC2-1/2 6.3x31 2/10A /250V
GGC2-1/4 6.3x31 2-1/4A /250V
GGC25 6.3x31 25A /250V
GGC3 6.3x31 3A /250V
GGC3/10 6.3x31 3/10A /250V
GGC3/16 6.3x31 3/16A /250V
GGC3/4 6.3x31 3/4A /250V
GGC3/8 6.3x31 3/8A /250V
GGC30 6.3x31 30A /250V
GGC3-2/10 6.3x31 3-2/10A /250V
GGC4 6.3x31 4A /250V
GGC4/10 6.3x31 4/10A /250V
GGC5 6.3x31 5A /250V
GGC6 6.3x31 6A /250V
GGC6/10 6.3x31 6/10A /250V
GGC6-3/10 6.3x31 6/10A /250V
GGC7 6.3x31 7A /250V
GGC7-1/2 6.3x31 7-1/2A /250V
GGC8 6.3x31 8A /250V
GGC8/10 6.3x31 8/10A /250V
GGC-V1 6.3x31 1A /250V
GGC-V1/10 6.3x31 1/10A /250V
GGC-V1/100 6.3x31 1/100A /250V
GGC-V1/16 6.3x31 1/16A /250V
GGC-V1/2 6.3x31 1/2A /250V
GGC-V1/32 6.3x31 1/32A /250V
GGC-V1/4 6.3x31 1/4A /250V
GGC-V1/8 6.3x31 1/8A /250V
GGC-V10 6.3x31 6/10A /250V
GGC-V1-1/2 6.3x31 6/10A /250V
GGC-V1-1/4 6.3x31 1/4A /250V
GGC-V1/8 6.3x31 1/8A /250V
GGC-V10 6.3x31 10A /250V
GGC-V1-1/2 6.3x31 1-1/2A /250V
GGC-V1-1/4 6.3x31 1-1/4A /250V
GGC-V12 6.3x31 12A /125V
GGC-V1-3/4 6.3x31 1-3/4A /250V
GGC-V15 6.3x31 15A /125V
GGC-V15/100 6.3x31 15/100A /250V
GGC-V1-6/10 6.3x31 1-6/10A /250V
GGC-V175/1000 6.3x31 175/1000A /250V
GGC-V2 6.3x31 2A /250V
GGC-V2/10 6.3x31 2/10A /250V
GGC-V20 6.3x31 20A /32V
GGC-V2-1/2 6.3x31 2-1/2A /250V
GGC-V2-1/4 6.3x31 2-1/4A /250V
GGC-V25 6.3x31 25A /32V
GGC-V3 6.3x31 3A /250V
GGC-V3/10 6.3x31 3/10A /250V
GGC-V3/16 6.3x31 3/160A /250V
GGC-V3/4 6.3x31 3/4A /250V
GGC-V3/8 6.3x31 3/8A /250V
GGC-V30 6.3x31 30A /32V
GGC-V3-2/10 6.3x31 3-2/10A /250V
GGC-V4 6.3x31 4A /250V
GGC-V4/10 6.3x31 8/10A /250V
GGC-V5 6.3x31 5A /250V
GGC-V6 6.3x31 6A /250V
GGC-V6/10 6.3x31 6/10A /250V
GGC-V6-3/10 6.3x31 6-3/10A /250V
GGC-V7 6.3x31 7A /250V
GGC-V8 6.3x31 8A /250V
GGC-V8/10 6.3x31 8/10A /250V
GGM1 5x20 1A /250V
GGM1/10 5x20 1/10A /250V
GGM1/16 5x20 1/16A /250V
GGM1/2 5x20 1/2A /250V
GGM1/4 5x20 1/4A /250V
GGM1/8 5x20 1/8A /250V
GGM10 5x20 10A /250V
GGM1/2 5x20 1/2A /250V
GGM1/4 5x20 1/4A /250V
GGM2 5x20 2A /250V
GGM2/10 5x20 2/10A /250V
GGM2-1/2 5x20 2-1/2A /250V
GGM3 5x20 3A /250V
GGM3/10 5x20 3/10A /250V
GGM3/4 5x20 3/4A /250V
GGM4 5x20 4A /250V
GGM4/10 5x20 4/10A /250V
GGM5 5x20 5A /250V
GGM6 5x20 6A /250V
GGM6/10 5x20 6/10A /250V
GGM7 5x20 7A /250V
GGM7/10 5x20 7/10A /250V
GGM8 5x20 8A /250V
GGM8/10 5x20 8/10A /250V
GGM-V1 5x20 1A /250V
GGM-V1/10 5x20 1/10A /250V
GGM-V1/16 5x20 1/16A /250V
GGM-V1/2 5x20 1/2A /250V
GGM-V1/4 5x20 1/4A /250V
GGM-V15 5x20 15A /250V
GGM-V1-6/10 5x20 1-6/10A /250V
GGM-V2 5x20 2A /250V
GGM-V2/10 5x20 2/10A /250V
GGM-V2-1/2 5x20 2-1/2A /250V
GGM-V3 5x20 3A /250V
GGM-V3/10 5x20 3/10A /250V
GGM-V3/4 5x20 3/4A /250V
GGM-V4 5x20 4A /250V
GGM-V4/10 5x20 4/10A /250V
GGM-V5 5x20 5A /125V
GGM-V6 5x20 6A /125V
GGM-V6/10 5x20 6/10A /250V
GGM-V7 5x20 7A /125V
GGM-V7/10 5x20 7/10A /250V
GGM-V8 5x20 8A /125V
GGM-V8/10 5x20 8/10A /250V
GGX1 6.3x25 1A /250V
GGX1/2 6.3x25 1/2A /250V
GGX10 6.3x25 10A /125V
GGX1-1/2 6.3x25 1-1/2A /250V
GGX12 6.3x25 12A /125V
GGX15 6.3x25 15A /125V
GGX2 6.3x25 2A /250V
GGX20 6.3x25 2A /250V
GGX2-1/2 6.3x25 2-1/2A /250V
GGX25 6.3x25 25A /125V
GGX3 6.3x25 3A /250V
GGX3/4 6.3x25 3/4A /250V
GGX30 6.3x25 30A /125V
GGX4 6.3x25 4A /250V
GGX5 6.3x25 5A /250V
GGX6 6.3x25 6A /250V
GGX7 6.3x25 7A /250V
GGX8 6.3x25 8A /125V
GLD10 6.3x25 10A /125V
GGLD7 6.3x25 7A /250V
GLD8 6.3x25 8A /250V
GSB0-V8/10 5x20 8/10A/250V
GSB1 5x20 1A/250V
GSB1/10 5x20 1/10A/250V
GSB1/16 5x20 1/16A/250V
GSB1/2 5x20 1/2A/250V
GSB1/4 5x20 1/4A/250V
GSB1/8 5x20 1/8A/250V
GSB10 5x20 10A/250V
GSB1-1/4 5x20 1-1/4A/250V
GSB1-6/10 5x20 1-6/10A/250V
GSB1-6/100 5x20 1-6/100A/250V
GSB2 5x20 2A/250V
GSB2/10 5x20 2/10A/250V
GSB2-1/2 5x20 2-1/2A/250V
GSB3-15/100 5x20 3-15/100A/250V
GSB315/1000 5x20 315/1000A/250V
GSB4 5x20 4A/250V
GSB4/10 5x20 4/10A/250V
GSB5 5x20 5A/250V
GSB6-3/10 5x20 6-3/10A/250V
GSB630/1000 5x20 630/1000A/250V
GSB8 5x20 8A/250V
GSB8/10 5x20 8/10A/250V
GSB8/100 5x20 8/100A/250V
GSB-V1 5x20 1A/250V
GSB-V1/10 5x20 1/10A/250V
GSB-V1/16 5x20 1/16A/250V
GSB-V1/2 5x20 1/2A/250V
GSB-V1/4 5x20 1/4A/250V
GSB-V1/8 5x20 1/8A/250V
GSB-V10 5x20 10A/250V
GSB-V1-1/4 5x20 1-1/4A/250V
GSB-V1-6/10 5x20 1-6/10A/250V
GSB-V16/100 5x20 16/100A/250V
GSB-V2 5x20 2A/250V
GSB-V2/10 5x20 2/10A/250V
GSB-V2-1/2 5x20 2-1/2A/250V
GSB-V3-15/100 5x20 3-15/100A/250V
GSB-V315/1000 5x20 315/1000A/250V
GSB-V4 5x20 4A/250V
GSB-V4/10 5x20 4/10A/250V
GSB-V5 5x20 5A/250V
GSB-V6-3/10 5x20 6-3/10A/250V
GSB-V630/000 5x20 630/000A/250V
GSB-V8 5x20 8A/250V
GSB-V8/100 5x20 8/100A/250V
GSC1 5x20 1A/250V
GSC1/10 5x20 1/10A/250V
GSC1/2 5x20 1/2A/250V
GSC1/4 5x20 1/4A/250V
GSC1/8 5x20 1/8A/250V
GSC10 5x20 10A/125V
GSC1-1/2 5x20 1-1/2A/250V
GSC1-1/4 5x20 1-1/4A/250V
GSC1-6/10 5x20 1-6/10A/250V
GSC2 5x20 2A/250V
GSC2-1/2 5x20 2-1/2A/250V
GSC3 5x20 3A/250V
GSC3/10 5x20 3/10A/250V
GSC-3/10 5x20 3/10A/250V
GSC3/4 5x20 3/4A/250V
GSC4 5x20 4A/125V
GSC4/10 5x20 4/10A/250V
GSC5 5x20 5A/125V
SMG1 5x15 2AG 1A /350V
SMG1/10 5x15 2AG 1/10A /250V
SMG1/2 5x15 2AG 1/2A /350V
SMG1/4 5x15 2AG 1/4A /350V
SMG1/8 5x15 2AG 1/8A /350V
SMG10 5x15 2AG 10A /350V
SMG1/2 5x15 2AG 1/2A /350V
SMG1/4 5x15 2AG 1/4A /350V
SMG1/8 5x15 2AG 1/8A /350V
SMG10 5x15 2AG 10A /125V
SMG1-1/2 5x15 2AG 1-1/2A /350V
SMG2 5x15 2AG 2A /350V
SMG2-1/2 5x15 2AG 2-1/2A /350V
SMG3 5x15 2AG 3A /350V
SMG3/4 5x15 2AG 3/4A /350V
SMG3/8 5x15 2AG 3/8A /250V
SMG3-1/2 5x15 2AG 3-1/2A /350V
SMG4 5x15 2AG 4A /350V
SMG5 5x15 2AG 5A /350V
SMG6 5x15 2AG 6A /350V
SMG7 5x15 2AG 7A /350V
SMG8 5x15 2AG 8A /125V
SMG-V1 5x15 2AG 1A /350V
SMG-V1/10 5x15 2AG 1/10A /250V
SMG-V1/2 5x15 2AG 1/2A /350V
SMG-V1/4 5x15 2AG 1/4A /350V
SMG-V1/8 5x15 2AG 1/8A /350V
SMG-V10 5x15 2AG 10A /125V
SMG-V1-1/2 5x15 2AG 1-1/2A /350V
SMG-V2 5x15 2AG 2A /350V
SMG-V2-1/2 5x15 2AG 2-1/2A /350V
SMG-V3 5x15 2AG 3A /350V
SMG-V3/4 5x15 2AG 3/4A /350V
SMG-V3/8 5x15 2AG 3/8A /250V
SMG-V3-1/2 5x15 2AG 3-1/28A /350V
SMG-V4 5x15 2AG 4A /350V
SMG-V5 5x15 2AG 5A /350V
SMG-V6 5x15 2AG 6A /350V
SMG-V7 5x15 2AG 7A /350V
SMG-V8 5x15 2AG 8A /125V
STG1 5x15 2AG 1A /350V
STG1/2 5x15 2AG 1/2A /350V
STG1/4 5x15 2AG 1/4A /350V
STG1-1/2 5x15 2AG 1-1/2A /350V
STG1-1/4 5x15 2AG 1-1/4A /350V
STG2 5x15 2AG 2A /350V
STG2-1/2 5x15 2AG 2-1/2A /350V
STG3 5x15 2AG 3A /350V
STG3/4 5x15 2AG 3/4A /350V
STG3/8 5x15 2AG 3/8A /250V
STG3-1/2 5x15 2AG 3-1/2A /350V
STG4 5x15 2AG 4A /350V
STG5 5x15 2AG 5A /350V
STG6 5x15 2AG 6A /350V
STG6/10 5x15 2AG 6/10A /350V
STG7 5x15 2AG 7A /350V
STG8/10 5x15 2AG 8/10A /350V
STG-V1 5x15 2AG 1A /350V
STG-V1/2 5x15 2AG 1/2A /350V
STG-V1/4 5x15 2AG 1/4A /350V
STG-V1-1/2 5x15 2AG 1-1/2A /350V
STG-V1-1/4 5x15 2AG 1-1/4A /350V
STG-V2 5x15 2AG 2A /350V
STG-V2-1/2 5x15 2AG 2-1/2A /350V
STG-V3 5x15 2AG 3A /350V
STG-V3-3/4 5x15 2AG 3-3/4A /350V
STG-V3-3/8 5x15 2AG 3-3/8A /250V
STG-V3-1/2 5x15 2AG 3-1/2A /350V
STG-V4 5x15 2AG 4A /350V
STG-V5 5x15 2AG 5A /350V
STG-V6 5x15 2AG 6A /350V
STG-V6/10 5x15 2AG 6/10A /350V
STG-V7 5x15 2AG 7A /350V
STG-V8/10 5x15 2AG 8/10A /350V
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